Practice Like A Pro

  • Improve Your Golf Swing

  • Increase Your Ball Speed

  • Warm Up Safely and Effectively

  • Lower Your Scores

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Used by PGA Professionals, LPGA Professionals, Top Instructors, Golf Fitness Experts, Long Drive Competitors, Top Amateurs and Many, Many Avid Golfers Worldwide.

The GOLFSTICKPRO was designed with one simple goal: give players of all ages and skill levels a safe, smart and scientifically sound way to warm up, generate more club head speed, and create their perfect golf swing.

It also helps cure:

  • Slicing and Hooking

  • Fat and Thin Shots

  • Over the top swings

  • Lack of Distance on drives and coming up short on approach shots

  • Over swinging

  • Poor rhythm and tempo


Revoulutionary Dual Counterbalance Design

  • Bio-Mechanically Designed for Optimal Overall Weight and Weight Distribution.

  • Light Weight End is Used for Correct Bottom of Swing Arc, Correct Release Point and Speed.

  • Heavy Weight End is Used for Warm Up, Strengthening and Stretch the Golf Muscles and Tempo Training.

  • Looks and Feels Like a Golf Club for Natural Learning Transfer from Practice to Play.

  • Assembled in the USA with Pure Grips and a UST Mamiya Shaft.

  • 100% Sales Gimmick Free.

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Nikki Dache

Real talk it’s functional and aesthetically pleasing. The alternative was a orange ball with a wobbly stick. Can’t look cool and feel confident swinging a club that feels like a gimmick for kids. Golf has a lot to do with confidence. With this I’m building the confidence and the muscle memory. It also fits in the golf bag looks like just a regular golf stick club . The best part of it is when you don’t have enough time to warn up before Teeing off you can take it out and pick up a nice swing groove. I’m a big fan and I’m glad I bought it.


Fantastic warm up and swing aid. I use before every round and throughout each practice session. I have gone from a 10 handicap down to a 5 using the GSP.

I bought mine directly from the company on their website,


I use the GSP with clients in my fitness classes to warm up the spine as well as work on balance and using ground forces for speed training.

The dual weight allows the client to both hear and feel the speed that they are creating with their motion.

There are so many uses for the golf stick pro. I am happy to have it with my personal practice as well as clients.

Ambassador Mike Wilson explains the GOLFSTICKPRO


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