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A simple and effective way to warm up

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Pick up the GOLFSTICKPRO and you’ll instantly realize it’s unlike any other golf training aid.

Its dual grip, dual counterbalance design and its high quality shaft by True Temper is designed to look and feel like a golf club so your work with it translates perfectly to your performance on the golf course.

It also distributes the weight perfectly so you can quickly and easily go to work on swinging the club correctly and immediately add power and improve your quality of contact.

It really is the perfect tool for warming up, driving it farther and to give valuable feedback to ensure you are maximizing your practice and improving your golf swing.


Go Faster


Counter balanced design helps you go fast

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The GOLFSTICKPRO was designed with one simple goal: give players of all ages and skill levels a safe, smart and scientifically sound way to warm up, generate more club head speed, and create their perfect golf swing.

Before you spend another boring hour practicing or buy another driver that doesn't really work... try the breakthrough golf training aid proven to help you learn the proper way to swing a golf club and guaranteed to make you a better golfer!


101 Other Uses

Everyone has their own way to use their Golfstick

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Ambassador Mike Wilson reviews the GOLFSTICKPRO

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