I have spent the last 20 years in the Golf Business. I have been a retail club fitter, an instructor, a golf equipment buyer, and for the last 11 years an equipment rep for a major golf manufacturer. I have seen a lot of people hit a lot of golf balls and I have hit a ton myself.

I have access to the best equipment, can play the most beautiful golf courses and have access to some amazing instructors but I was stuck being a pretty average golfer. And it’s not like I wasn’t trying – in fact I tried everything that I read, everything I heard about and took any advice I was given hoping to drive it a little farther, hit it a little better and shoot a little lower scores.

In my worst year I tried...

7 Different Driver Combinations.

5 different Iron sets.

4 Different Putters.

11 different training aids.

I played 10 rounds in 7 days hoping to stumble on the secret through massive exposure

I hit balls everyday for 30 days.

I read every book on the mental game of golf I could find.

And although I had just enough moments of greatness to keep me from quitting I never really got any better and I still had no idea why.

Are you struggling with your golf swing, constantly trying new golf tips or buying new clubs that don't really work... Are you tired of having too many mishits, missed greens and high weak drives?

If so you are in the same boat I was. The question is what was I going to do about it.

One afternoon while sitting staring at my old scorecards I had a revelation. The difference between my good rounds and my bad rounds came down to two simple things.

1. How well I played the first four holes

2. How far I drove it if I drove it near the fairway

The formula was that simple. If I didn't go out and play horrible the first few holes and I drove it far and pretty straight it was a magical day. Otherwise I would shoot in the 80s.

The next questions were obvious and so were the answers.

Why do I struggle so much on the first few holes? Because I was warming up on the golf course which anyone could tell you is something you should never do.

Why did I drive it long and straight sometimes and short and crooked others? The quality of my driving depended on the amount of practice I did, the type of practice I did and the feedback I received in the days before my round.

My conclusion... If I warmed up better and practiced the right things with the right feedback I could play really well.

So I put together a great warm up process that took about 20 minutes and I created a ball speed program that had three parts and took about 30 minutes and I started using them before right before my round and in the days leading up to my next round respectively.

My scores during that time were great. I was thrilled!!

But then life got in the way and due to some work obligations I wasn't able to practice before my next big round and I was stuck on a call right before the round so I wasn't able to use my complete warm-up. So I went out and shot 86 in a Pro Scratch that my company was sponsoring. In front of a whole field of golf pros and great amateurs and let down my partner who had just played in the U.S. Open the year before. When they posted my score I have never been so embarrassed. I felt like a total failure. What a disappointment.

Where would I go from here?

So I knew what I needed to do to play my best. Practice the correct things with the correct feedback in the days leading up to my round and be completely, 100 percent warmed up before I hit my opening tee shot.

I knew how to do it when I had enough time to go through my complete programs. I had created two long form programs that worked great given enough time.

But what was missing was a much faster way to get it done. I needed a way to get 80 percent of the benefit in 20 percent of the time in order to be the golfer I wanted to be while I was under the time constraints of the real world.

What I needed was one training aid that I could use for just a few minutes a day and be 100% sure I was practicing the right things but would also allow me to go from slow and stiff to relaxed and fast in less than five minutes.

It seemed like in the enormous world of golf there had to be something that fit the bill. But I couldn't find anything that would. I found a lot of great single use training aids but they all lacked the simplicity and effectiveness I needed.

So what does a truly obsessed golf lunatic do when he comes to a place like this?

You guessed it, I created it myself.

"When you purchase a GOLFSTICKPRO you are purchasing a real training aid designed by real golfers not gimmicks, false promises and BS.” Jay Keel